Oldmacks.com Services

NOTE: We are not affiliated with any truck 
or equipment vendors or dealers.
  • Specializing in all antique Mack Trucks & Fire Engines 1900 to 1970

  •  Trading 

  •  Selling

  • Appraisals & Inspections for:
         Buyers, Sellers, Estate Settlements, 
         Collectors, Museums, Insurance 
         Companies and for Legal Purposes.

Restoration Services


We at oldmacks.com do not restore trucks, instead, we supply the following services:

  • Advice on restoring Mack trucks – 1900 to 1970

  • We will advise you to the best of our ability on other component modifications and upgrades that can be done on B models and other Mack trucks.

  • We will refer you to reputable experts as the need arises.

  • Our mission is to always act in the best interest of you, our clients, by having no attachments to any suppliers or conflicts of interest