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Old Mack Trucks & Fire Engines For Sale





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Delivery Available

1974 Rare RS773LST Mack Tractor
Detroit V8 318 diesel engine.
Fuller 13 speed transmission.
Reyco 4 spring transmission.
Shephard hydraulic power steering.
Dual 80 gl aluminum fuel tanks.
Tilt steering.  Extended hood.
1000x20 tires on disc rims all around.
Air power divider lock out.
New starter & batteries.
Aluminum front bumper.
Rear wheel 1/4 fenders.
A good running rare R Mack.
A Mack with a Screaming Jimmy.







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Delivery Available

1963 B75T Mack Tractor
Good running Mack END711 Engine.
Mack 10 speed transmission.
Mack HD rear axle. Ratio 7.21,
Recent restoration, cab & frame.
Professional sanded, primed & repaint.
New battery boxes & batteries.
New hydraulic power steering hoses.
Air & electric replaced or repaired as needed.
Radiator polished, trim hardware power coated.
New rear maxi brake chambers.  New belts.
1100R22 front & 1100X22 rear tires.
A good looking B75 Mack.
Located in NJ, USA.
Nationwide & Worldwide Delivery Available






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Delivery Available


1942 Mack Military Crash/Rescue/Fire Truck
Model 25 S with 11' pump & hose bed.
Speced by The Army Corp of Engineers for WW11 service.
This unit is from the Pueblo Colorado Air Base.
This is Unit #131 of a total of only 200 built.
A very rare Military collectable unit.
In remarkable non rusted condition.
In excellent running condition.
7165 miles on the original Mack EN-12 engine.
Mack 4 speed transmission - Swing out windshield.
Excellent condition, seats, headliner, floor & dash.
All dash Mack gauges in excellent condition.
Good steel & aluminum cab floor.
Good cab doors & all controls.
The fire pump recent rebuild.
(Would make the perfect Mack Pick-Up)
A collectible, historic WW11 military unit.
Located in Florida - Delivery/Shipping available.





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Delivery Available

1964 B755 Mack Truck
A West Coast Non-Rusted Unit - Recent find in storage for years.
Mack END864 V8 Diesel - Mack 18 Speed Quad Trans,
Mack 38K Rears - Ratio 6.34 - New Batteries & Box - Maxi Brakes, Rear Chassis Pintle.
Vertical Dual Exhausts with Mufflers - Custom Front Steel Bumper.
Dual Aluminum Fuel Tanks, L50, R55 - Dual Trumpet Air Horns.
Good Vent Window Locks - Good Door Hardware.
1000x22 Rear - 1000x20 Front Tires - Old Style Disc Rims All Wheels.
Oil Luberfiner & Spin on Fuel Filters. - Good Springs, but needs trunion rubbers.
Good Non-Rusted Cab & All Sheet Metal - Good Red & White Inside & Outside.
27.6" Long - 17'6" Frame - 8.8" High - 232" Long Wheel Base.
In Good Running Condition - Show, Parade as is or Restore It.
Delivery Available Nationwide/Worldwide 




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Delivery Available

1960 Single Axle Mack Tractor
Recent Mechanical & Paint Work - B67T Converted With B61T Front.
Straight Back Cab Moved Back - With Aluminum Headache Rack.
Mack END673P 205 HP Diesel Engine - Now Installed Straight Up.
Mack 9 Speed Overdrive Transmission - 1100X22 Tires - Maxi Brakes.
New Seats - 70 Gl. Aluminum Fuel Tank - Custom Extended Bumper With Grille.
Rebuilt 12V Starter - New Alternator - Vertical Exhaust - Oil Bearing Front Axle.
A Good Running Restorable B Mack



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Delivery Available

1960 B61T Single Axle Tractor
Recent New Fire Engine B Cab - END673 Mack Diesel Engine - Mack 10 Speed Trans.
Mack Rear End - Ratio 5.78 - 1000x22 Good Original Tires - Recent New Rear Brakes Complete.
New Steering Wheel - Full Air Brakes with Maxis - New Front Brake Chambers - Recent All New Hoses.
Rebuilt Generator - 24 V Starting - Lever Type Hand Brake - Under Hood Dry Air Cleaner.
Rear Mud Flaps - Rear Receiver - Front End Recent Rebuild - Chrome Front Tow Hooks.
Chrome Extended Bumper - All Good Glass & Vent Windows - Left 50 Gl - Right 40 Gl Step Tanks.
Chrome Front Mack Hub Caps - Chrome Mack Mirrors - Vertical Exhaust with Muffler - Cab Roof Light.
Engine Heater - Wt. 10,000 lbs. - 18' Long - 8'10" High.
An Excellent Running, Good Looking B61.




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Delivery Available

1954 LT Mack Tractor
Recent Cosmetic Restoration - An Arizona Non-Rusted Truck.
Good Cummins 275 Diesel Engine - Supercharger with Jake Brake.
Recent Rebuilt, with New Block - Mack Duplex + 4 Speed Trans.
Good 1000x22 Tires on Aluminum Budds - 6.5 Hole Aluminum Rims, Ratio 4.11.
Recent Rears, New Power Divider - Good Steel Fenders, Original Headlights.
25'6" Long - 9' High - An Excellent LT located in TX USA
Price $29,500. - Delivery Available Nationwide/Worldwide


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Delivery Available
  1960 B422S Mack Flat Bed Truck
Cummins 6BT C-180 Supercharged Diesel Eng. -
Mack 20 Speed Trans. with a PTO
Recent New Alternator Neg. Gr.
New Battery & Neg. Ground Voltage Regulator.
Key start & Master Electric Shut Off Switch.
New Mack Driver & Passenger Seats.
New Air Horn, New Dash 6" Fan.
New Dual 6" Vertical Exhaust Stacks.
Left Side Polished Aluminum 55 Gl Fuel Tank.
Right Side Painted Aluminum 55 Gl Fuel Tank.
Custom Front Bumper with Guide Poles.
Bumper Dual Lic Plate Frame & Signal Lights.
Eaton 2 Speed Rear, Locked in High.
Double Frame with Helper Springs.
Chrome Mirrors with Spot Mirrors.
1000x20 Tires, Front Wheel Mud Flaps.
Front & Rear Mud Flaps On Rear Wheels.
New Battery Box & Cover.
Custom 12" Steel Flat Bed Body.
Diamondette Steel Plate Body Floor.
Body 4 Sides 2"x12 Planks.
Custom Rear of Body Trailer Receiver.
Rear Body Tow Hooks.
Rear Body Stop/Tail/Signal & Backup Lights.
Has a Body Hyd. Winch - Not Hooked Up.
Good Running Flat Bed, Use It or Show It. 




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                             Delivery Available

Mack Cab Forward Tractor
Former Fire Ladder Tractor Unit - 1967 Model C85FTD 41600 Miles
Mack 673B Turbo Diesel Engine - 1625 Hrs. - Polished Aluminum Valve Covers
Full Aluminum 4 Piece Engine Covers - Mack 5 Speed Transmission -
Dual Transmission PTO's - Mack Single Axle Rear 5.43 Ratio -
Front & Rear Axle Shocks - 1000x20 Front 900x20 Rear Tires
Hydraulic Power Steering - Dual A Post Spot Lights, Roof Light
Dual Trumpet Air Horns - Wrap Around Windshields
Chrome Wrap Around Front Bumper- 4 Headlights & Dual Red Warning Lights
Stainless West Coast Type Cab Mirrors - Polished Aluminum Cab Door Panels
200 Gl Water Tank. Pirsch Water Pump - Booster Reel With Hoses w/Nozzle
Full Trailer Connections - Double Ocilating 5" Wheel.
Full Length Steel Running Boards - Full Width Rear Of Cab  Deck Plate
New Batteries. PTO Shaft to Rear- In Excellent Condition - Low Mileage
Very Rare Single Axle Tractor Unit - A One of a Kind Tractor
Delivery Available Nationwide - Shipping Available Worldwide