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Old Mack Trucks & Fire Engines For Sale

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1958 B73T Mack Tractor
Rare B73 unit with B6 series soft radiator.
A B73 unit with extended hood & fenders.
Famous 30"x60" B Clariben sleeper.
Sleeper fitted to the contours of the B cab.
Full cab width open sleeper entry.
Diamond tufted interior green custom       upholstery.
Upholstery on sleeper, both doors & cab roof.
Sleeper under storage in non-rusted condition.
Cummins NHB 220 6 cyl diesel engine.
Engine compression release, luber oil filter.
Mack Triplex 15 speed O/D transmission.
Mack single axle with tag axle R4.66.

Fabco 8 radius rod rear suspension.
Dual round aluminum fuel tanks.  R55.  L75.
Dual trumpet air horns, no maxi brakes.
1000x22 tires.  4.66 ratio. Lever hand brake.
23' overall length - 136" frame - 108 overall height.
A non-rusted TX original, suitable for restoration.
Cab & sleeper glasses broken or missing.
Good w/shield seal & lock, 2 good templates.
1 new rear sleeper glass, good seal & lock.
1 good sleeper side glass template.
Good door glass templates & 2 new glass vents.
A rare one of a kind B73 with the custom sleeper.






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Delivery Available

1985 Mack RW613-Ser.#1M2AY39YXFM001368
Mack engine E9 V8 500 HP?
Dynatard Mack engine brake.
* Engine modifications: turbo, fuel lines, injector pump
* Dual oversize air cleaners, dual oversize exhausts.
Weight box, separate rear air suspension controls.
* Estimated HP to be 1100-1200+ based on non-documentation.
Engine modifications & upgrades made by renowned racing engine modifier.
A video of the unit in a pulling show available.
Mack 107OB. 12 speed transmission.
Mack rears - 38K - Ratio 4.42.
Mack front axle FAW 5371C.
Hydraulic power steering.
60" sleeper.  Premium upholstery.
Air conditioner. 24 volt starting
Neway air ride suspension.
11R24.5 Michelin tires front.
1000x22 rears - Michelin.
Mack Magnum driver seat.

AM/FM cassette radio.
Chrome full width bumper.
Chrome dual oversize air cleaner tops and straps.
Double frame showing slight distortion on left rails.
Double steel frame - 40" slide, 5th wheel.
234 wheel base - 27' overall length.
98" overall width.
Custom 8" chrome stacks - 10'6" high.
Chrome fuel tanks - 135 gl.
Chrome air tanks.
Chrome sleeper vents.
Chrome full rear fenders.
Chrome all wheel hub caps.
Extra 60 gl. auxiliary fuel tank.
Special air dryer.
All wheel rims polished aluminum.
Bulldog decals on all sleeper sides and weight box.
Rear frame weight box 36"x48"x42" high.
Diamondette rear frame cover.
Sleeper original Magnum - like new.
Custom Magnum to Bill Leach (original owner)
A one of a kind magnificent Mack Magnum Super Liner.





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1958 B753 Single Axle Tractor.
This unit has the larger L cab.
The longer hood & large radiator.
Recent frame up - complete restoration.
By a renowned WA Mack restorer.
END673T turbo diesel.
Recent rebuilt with a new block.
Mack 15 speed transmission (inspected).
New clutch & machined flywheel.
New power steering system.
New maxi brake cylinders.
Recent rebuilt injectors.
All 4 wheel ends, seals & bearings.
All brakes system rebuilt.
All air & electric lines redone.
New rear wheel full fenders.
Rear frame cover & pintle hook.
New type spin on oil filters.
Rebuilt starter & generator.

All new cab & glass seals.
New batteries, dual air horns.
New upholstered seats, new headliner.
Wipers changed to electric.
10R22.5 tires on polished rims.
New cab interior paint, new seats uph.
New professional exterior two tone paint.
Custom front bumper - Chrome stack.
Chrome luber finer filter.
Aluminum fuel tanks polished.
Electric master cut off switch.
All hood emblems re-chromed.
Chrome air cleaner top, straps base.
All work done at the highest standards.
An excellent running, driving unit.
A magnificent B753 restoration.
Shipping available Nationwide & Worldwide.





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Delivery Available

1953 A30 Mack Flatbed Truck
A custom tree removal truck.
Mack rebuilt EN331 gas engine.
Mack 5 speed transmission.
Mack single axle rear end.
Upgraded electric sys to 12V neg.
Master electric cut off switch.
Recent tune up, electric fuel pump.
50 gl frame mounted round steel fuel tank.
New cab seats, 4 wheel Mack hub caps.
Shaft driven hydraulic pump.
1 lever operated PTO for the winch.
1 cable operated PTO for lift section of the body.
16'6" steel frame beaver tail body.
All body functions in operational condition.
2 rear body fold up stabilizer jacks.
Rear pintle hook & tow eye + electric plug.
1000x20 tires - 25'6" OL - 8'OH - 97"OW
A good running A30 Mack for various uses.





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Delivery Available

1961 B73 L Cab Mack Ramp Truck
A CA for life - non rusted unit.
A one of a kind custom made steel body truck.
Transporter for autos, pickups, machinery,
 golf carts, motor cycles, mobility scooters etc.
Single axle with an added tag axle.
Good running 262 HP turbo Cummins engine.
Good 10 speed Road Ranger transmission.
Full air brakes with maxi brakes.
1000x22 tires on all wheel disc rims
Rear pintle hook with air & electric.
Front & rear tow eyes, truck OH 9'.
3 fuel tanks. L 70 gl - R 55+50 gl.
10' body, 8' Beaver tail, 7'6" ramps.
Truck OL 32' - Ramps down 39'
A good running rare multi purpose B73 Mack.





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Delivery Available

1962 B67T Mack Tractor
Single axle contoured cab Unit.
Recent professional complete paint.
Recent restoration.
Mack END 673P 205 HP Diesel Engine
Mack 9 Speed Overdrive Transmission.
1000x22 good tires front & rear.
Dual vertical exhausts w/mufflers.
Custom chrome front bumper.
Custom rear light bar/receiver plate.
Front & rear wheel mud flaps.
Custom rear wheel full fenders.
New cab seats, mats & head liner.
New left side 65 gl. step tank.
Custom right side battery box steps.
Custom right side frame tool box.
Good vent windows.  All new cab glass.
Oil seal front axle.  New cab air horn.
Diamondette rear cab deck plate.
Pogo stick & trailer hoses,
Engine heater.  All proper hood chromes.
17'6" Long - 9'6" High.
A real nice recent restoration.





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Delivery Available

1958 C85 Mack Fire Pumper
Was in use in Pa up to 2013.
Mack EN70C 276 HP gas engine.  (35K Mi)
Mack's largest EN series engines.
Mack 5 speed synchromesh transmission.
Special HD Lipe clutch.
100 AMP alternator.
Special factory air power steering.
Full air brakes w/hand control lever.
Front mounted Federal siren.
Special 4 large head lights.
Chrome front wrap around bumper.
Chrome front hub caps.
Chrome pump panel & gauges.
Plated pump outlets.
900x20 tires on spoke wheels.
A good running one of the C series fire units.
Only 1046 C's made 1959 to 1969.





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Delivery Available

1962 B61T Mack Single Axle Tractor
Cab off, frame up professional restoration.
Repowered, Mack 300 HP T676 turbo diesel    engine.
Rebuilt Mack 15 speed (do) Triplex trans.
Rebuilt Mack rear end w/high speed 4.66 ratio.
Rebuilt all 4 wheels ends, bearings & seals.
Good 4 wheel brakes with maxis.
Complete all air system replacement & repair.
Complete all wiring replacement & repair.
12V starting, 12V alternator, new batteries & boxes.
New 2 tone blue paint inside, outside & frame.
Like new cab, fenders & all sheet metal.
All good cab glass, seals, vent windows.
Custom 6" new air cleaner & intake for
 300 HP engine.
Custom dual 5" vertical exhausts with mufflers.
Chrome bumper, grille, fender guides, exhaust   shields.
Tubeless 11R24.5F + 285/75 R24.5 (LP) R tires.
Polished aluminum front disc rims, 4 wheel hub caps.
Custom chrome rear light bar, new mud flaps.
Chrome rear wheel 1/4 fenders, chrome Mack mirrors.
Dual polished 100 gl. round fuel tanks.  Cab visor.
Chrome rear deck plate, pogo, elec. cord & hoses.
Dual trumpet air horns, new seats, new cab carpet.
Chrome front tow hooks, 4 wheel nut covers.
An excellent restored, good looking B Mack classic.
Nationwide - Worldwide shipping available.





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Delivery Available

1955 B42S Mack Tow Truck
Recently repowered & upgraded
Modified from tandem to single axle.
Good running Cummins diesel engine.
Supercharged 150 HP 6 cyl engine.
Mack 5 speed direct trans.
B/L 3 speed over drive aux trans.
Mack HD single axle rear, ratio 4.63.
Full air brakes with maxis.
Engine block heater, Mack mirrors.
Recent repaint inside & outside.
1100x22 front, 1000x20 rear tires.
Dual 50 gl. Mack step tanks.
Dash radio with door speakers.

Frame mounted luberfiner oil filter.
Frame mounted air system dryer.
Custom aluminum front bumper.
Bumper mounted fog lights.
Double frame with fish plate.
Helper springs, wheel base = 166"
Front tow hooks, rear tow eye.
Chrome vertical exhaust.
Dual winch custom tow body.
Front 12 ton, rear 25 ton.
Possibly a WellBilt frame.
10' body, plus 3' to 4' tow hitch.
OL 20' - OH 9'8" 10' body, 3' to 4' hitch.
A good running operational unit.
Use, show, or parade this beautiful B Mack






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Delivery Available

1959 B61T Mack Single Axle Tractor.
Recent restoration & upgrading.
Mack END673P 205 HP engine.
Mack 9 speed overdrive trans. 5.78 ratio.
Shepherd hydraulic power steering.
Good cab, frame, floor, doors, fenders & hood
Recent cab, hood, fenders & doors painted.
New 1000R20 FR - 11x22.5 tubeless rear.
Full air brakes with maxis & hand brake.
Recent full brake job plus new king pins.
Recent all new wheel bearings & seals.
All wheels & hubs sandblasted & powder coated.
Recent new full wiring harness.
Good all dash gauges, new batteries
New belts & water hoses.
Engine modified to spin on filters.
Modified to negative ground with alternator.
Aluminum fuel tanks - R 55 gl. - L 75 gl.
New aluminum air tanks.
Vertical exhaust no muffler.
New old style battery box.
All good glass.  Good seats.
New chrome bumper, front Mack hub caps.
Rear mud flaps & chrome 1/4 fenders.
Located Mid USA, transport available anywhere.
A good running show, parade as is unit.






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Delivery Available

1965 C609 Mack Tractor
One of the Mack rare C models (1963-1965)
Only 1064  C609's made.
A 15 year restoration.
In controlled temp. storage for past 10 years.
Mack END711 225 Turbo engine.
Mack 10 speed transmission.
Mack single axle rear, ratio 4.25.
With an air tag lift axle.
11R 22.5 front, 1000x20 rear tires.
PTO with wet line connections.
Vertical exhaust with muffler.
Exhaust pyrometer.
Bostrom suspension drivers seat.
Seats recent upholstered,
Dual 55 gl step fuel tanks.
55 gl. left frame mounted hyd tank.
New cab head & rear of cab liners.
Mack chrome 1/4 fenders.
Mack rear mud flaps.
Mack front wheel hub caps.
Professional paint inside & outside.
Chrome Mack mirrors.
20' OL - 9'6" OH.
Gold Mack radiator bulldog.
Cab has had body repair (jack knife)
In good running, driving condition.





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Delivery Available

1925 AB Mack Conversion Unit
Originally a 25 passenger AB Mack bus
For Tri City Motor Bus in St. Paul MN.
Original w/b 230.5", shortened 86.5'
Mack engine, trans & rear - all #'s match.
Good running engine complete.
Good operational transmission & rear end.
Original starter recently rebuilt.
Original gen., magneto, carb. & water pump.
Cleated farm tractor rear wheels.
Sickle bar mower front wheels.
33'x5" steel front.  38"x9" cleated rears.
2 Lovejoy working rear shocks.
2 Gruss working air front shocks.
Original bus rubber based helper springs.
Mechanical working foot & hand brake.
Buggy type seat.  Good operational steering.
Welded chain steering wheel.
Drum electric headlights on a cross bar.
Original AB Mack bus front bumper.
The unit that every Mack collector should have.
The most unique AB Mack ever modified.